Anastasia Fasnakis

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    Anastasia is a young photographer currently working between New York and Connecticut. During her studies at Paier College of Art, she worked as an assistant photographer where she photographed commercially both in and out of studio. After receiving her BFA in Photography, she continued working at the studio focusing on portraiture and artistic commercialism. Since pursuing photography in 2012, Anastasia has participated in a wide array of group exhibitions. To the day, she continues to work as a landscape and conceptual artist.  

    She has devoted most of her life to exploring the natural world and man's relationship to it. After experimenting with several mediums at a young age, she discovered the vehicle for her search for answers was the photograph. “I wish to free viewers from their trained eyes and lift them into new heights of self-awareness by encouraging each to relate to nature and to further explore the human mind, body, and soul.” At this point in her career, she is traveling as much as possible to explore the diverse people, culture, & landscapes of the world while helping others to do it, too.

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